It’s a dark time in America.

On January 1990 President Michael Archer was inaugurated into office.

On March 24th, 1990 President Michael Archer passed a law saying that anyone discovered to have paranormal abilities was to be put to death. to implement this law an organization known as Paranormal Abolishment of the United Land, or PAUL, was created. PAUL agents travel the streets off American looking for anyone with abilities described as beyond normal.

On March 24th, 1995 President Michael Archer effectively turned the United States of America into his own little nation and renamed it the United Land.

Today the streets run rampant with crime and evil. the people of the United Land fear for their lives and no one is out after dark. Large buildings block the streets from the sun day in and day out. In the distance stands a large circular tower, reigning over the huge cities. At the top of the tower stands a statue of it’s commmander, the figure of the nation. This is Michael Archer’s Building and this is MICHAEL ARCHER’S AMERICA.

Michael Archer's America